Important Update: Changes to Our Social Media Presence

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We want to take a moment to share some important updates regarding our social media presence. As a company dedicated to providing the best products and services to our customers, we continually evaluate our online presence to ensure we are delivering the most valuable content and engagement.
After careful consideration, we have decided to make some changes to our social media strategy. Starting 11 September, we will be discontinuing our presence on TikTok and Twitter. Instead, we will focus exclusively on our Facebook & Instagram Business account. This change will allow us to streamline our efforts and better serve our customers on one platform.
Why Facebook & Instagram Business?
We understand that social media plays a crucial role in staying connected with our customers, and Facebook & Instagram remains one of the most popular and versatile platforms. By consolidating our efforts here, we aim to:
Enhance Customer Engagement: Focusing on these platform will enable us to respond promptly to your inquiries, comments, and feedback, providing you with a more personalized experience.
Deliver Quality Content: We will invest more resources in creating informative and engaging content related to our mobile accessories for iPhone, including product updates, how-to guides, and exclusive promotions.
Build a Strong Community: Our Facebook & Instagram page will be the hub for discussions, reviews, and sharing experiences among our valued customers.
Improve Customer Support: We will be better equipped to address your concerns and provide timely assistance through Instagram & Facebook Messenger.
What You Can Expect:
Regular Updates: We will continue to provide you with the latest information about our products, industry news, and special offers via our Instagram & Facebook Business page.
Exclusive Deals: Be on the lookout for exclusive promotions and discounts available only to our Instagram & Facebook followers.
Customer Feedback: Your opinions matter to us, and we will actively seek your feedback and suggestions to improve our products and services.
Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team will be available through Instagram & Facebook Messenger to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.
We understand that change can be challenging, but we believe this shift will ultimately benefit our customers by allowing us to provide a more focused and tailored experience. We invite you to join us on our Instagram & Facebook Business page and continue to be a part of our growing community.
Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to engaging with you on Instagram & Facebook and providing you with the best mobile accessories for your smart device.
Oléz Team
Oléz South Africa